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Dependable Service
All our operatives are thoroughly vetted and trained in their duties. Attractive terms of employment ensure a content and settled workforce of the highest calibre.
We always ensure that cover is provided in the event of sickness and holidays to ensure continuity of service and standards.

Supervised Inspection

The essential ingredient of a first class cleaning operation is a regular inspection of the standard being achieved. In addition to on-site supervision, area supervisors monitor the work on a regular basis and report to the senior management, who in turn make regular unscheduled inspections of all our sites.

Competitive Prices

The emphasis, we at Proclean, place on a well trained and settled staff, reduces wasted recruitment and training costs.
These savings, coupled with efficiency factors of the highest order, enable Proclean to quote such highly competitive prices.

Personal Service To Customers

We pride ourselves on giving an instant response to customer’s requests by ensuring that every client is given the close personal attention of our senior management and on maintaining daily communication with our staff.
Our customers are assured that their requests are actioned on a same day basis and in an emergency, such as a flood or complaint, our staff will be there to clear up without delay.

High Standards

Our cleaning operation, based on years of experience in the industry, is designed to ensure that each member of our workforce is trained to carry out a manageable schedule of work in accordance with the following principles;

1. Comprehensive training to acquaint each cleaner with the area of work and the specification required.
2. Ensure that all staff understand our safety policy and COSHH regulations.
3. Provide each clear with, and demonstrate the use of, the best available equipment and materials.
4. Inspect each work section on a regular basis to ensure a high standard.
5. Maintain a close communication with clients to provide the necessary feedback to deal with requests and emergencies.
6. Ensure regular equipment maintenance and annual PAT testing.